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This Is How To Start A Football Club in Nigeria

Posted By: Football Manager          In: Sports & Outdoors          1247 Views         (Sep 28, 2017)

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 This Is How To Start A Football Club in Nigeria

Perhaps you are thinking of how to go about starting football club, having it registered by the relevant authorities and of course run it in a profitable or sustainable manner?

Then you are reading the right piece to solve the headache and help you take bold steps just so you can operate within the ambit of the law and get necessary recognition.

It is worthy to note that the sports industry is indeed a multi-billion dollar space only to those who have realized how to deal with the right approach and position to a state where they are reckoned with globally.

More so, you have to recognize that sports business is serious business. Therefore, you must state clearly your objectives of wanting to venture into football club i.e what you want to achieve and how you intend to achieve it without chickening out within a short period for basic reasons that would have been sorted.

Nigerians love football and there are abundance of talents in the nation. Getting the talents for your club is not the problem. It is often times how to manage the team and a well run club. How you manage your club and team(s) will decide your success.

Here are few necessary details that will guide you on how to start your own football club:

Choosing a Name

Just like anyone who intends to start a business, you are required to determine the name you want your club to bear. This is very important especially you want to run it as a serious business.

The name you give to your club, the branding, choice of colour and identity speaks volume about your brand how you would be perceived by potential talents, parents and future partners.

Coaching Staff/Administrative or Account Team

Here you make critical decisions on who would be the best fit based on the philosophy or idea on the kind of football you want to play. This is because you do not want just anybody but someone or people who have achieved some level of results in their past or present endeavours.

As they say ”football no be mouth.” The individuals must be competent in managements and must have undergone certain training such as the National Institute for Sports where sports administration is being taught. The admin team must be schooled on how to manage accounts to a certain degree as well as work within your given budget.

Set Your Own Rules

When there are no set standards or principles, individuals tend to be unguided in their acts and decisions. You want your team to behave in certain ways, then draft a constitution and set enforceable penalties bearing in mind your location, customs and values. Discipline is key to run a successful football club.


There are state football associations saddled with the responsibility of regulating and managing the game within their locality. Ondo State Football Agency (ODSFA) in Ondo state, Lagos State Football Association (LSFA) etc.

Their requirements are not really stifling, you can afford it just so you avoid unnecessary penalties in critical times. Why this important is just so your team can participate in recognized competitions or scouting programmes and enjoy certain privileges e.g the FA Cup.

Recruiting Players

The Coaching Staff is responsible for scouting of talents who can best fit and execute the philosophy of the club. This is why some clubs go for players that express certain skills and ability. If you select players based on favouritism, time shall tell if the team will achieve expected results.

Contract and Agreement

The importance of this part of the deal cannot be overemphasized. Here, you draw a document on how your remuneration or reward system will be which must be signed and agreed by both the team management and players. It is important to engage a lawyer in this regard to have legal documents. State explicitly what the terms are if your player must be engaged by other clubs, and list payments if necessary.

Insurance & Training Ground

Insurance is usually not taken serious in our clime, but when life happens, what do you do? Many players have been rendered disabled while playing and got nothing from Insurance. It is necessary to have a plan, consult medical and insurance for necessary advice.

Training Ground

And finally, plan to lease or own a pitch easily accessible for the players to train, entertain invited teams for matches and put in place other basic amenities that can make training and relaxation time enjoyable for your team.

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This Is How To Start A Football Club in Nigeria
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